New Facebook Group for Virtual Characters…

…and not only virtual characters. Just join a sexy Facebook group!

The group i’m talking about is called “Thrixxxians” and was founded by one of the most talented members of the community, wogworgr.

In Thrixxxians you can meet and greet some of the coolest and hottest SexVilla players. And i assure you that they are all great people and not more perverted than you ;)

If you like virtual characters, avatars, erotica and creativity, then join Thrixxxians on facebook. It would be cool to meet you there.

BTW: Thrixxxians is a pure fansite and not related to the official SexVilla company thriXXX. If you want to have a look at the “real” thing, download SexVilla here



Video: How To Create a Simple Stand/Talk Animation!

The second part of my “Look over shoulder” Let’s Pose SexVilla videos is ready…

I’m creating a simple pose of somebody standing and talking calmly. This can be used in the SexVilla Sequencer and in movies with non-sex parts.

The video is again in real-time and of course you can make the animation much better with a bit more patience.

Video: Let’s Pose SexVilla – How to create a sexy pose!

Look over my shoulder when i create one of my sexy poses in SexVilla’s PoseEdit!

I’m currently working on a couple of new stories and just thought i let you watch me creating a sexy pose in 3d SexVilla 2. I also give you some tips, in case you want to try it yourself…

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Next SexVilla Update expected in mid June!

Finally the 3D SexVilla Community was able to press some hot info out of ThriXXX’s Angela…

It is a long time since the last SV-Update, the ultimate Luxury Yacht. In the meantime the developers and moderators at ThriXXX remained in absolute silence.

But today, after one requesting post after another was opened in the forum, asking always the same question about the upcoming features and “SexVilla 3“, Angela finally found her way to the forum and wrote an informative post.

Mainly she was saying “We are still alive and we are super busy in creating the next update”. She also stated that this long-wanted SexVilla Update will be released in mid June. That’s the plan.

But it seems that it is again worth the wait. It will be an heavy update! Here’s how Angela describes it:

a) We are working on a feature which will pep up customizing models again
b) We are also working on a solution which will simplify some of the problems with Mods
c) The next update will on top of it include:
– a new room
– new outfits matching the room
– new wigs matching the room
– and new rooms for modding!

What’s the June SexVilla Update?

Let’s see… The a) feature for better customizing is surely a good idea, though i don’t know what it could be. But since i know SexVilla, all those customizing options were well made and useful.

I don’t know what Angela is talking about in b) because i can’t imagine a problem with Mods that’s worth to program a solution. Maybe it’s about the “copyright” issue; some people worry about their custom creations being shared without proper credits. But i have no clue here…

And of course a new location, including outfits and hair-styles. We already know that Angela always says wigs but she means hair-styles. When we think of the Room Poll 2010 the new location should be a Doctor’s Office. I’m not too exited about this, i voted for another location, but anyway. It will be fun to send my models to the doc :)

The absolute best of the new features is – in my opinion – the last sentence: More location mods! I was hoping ThriXXX would reveal more location mods right after the Yacht Update but nothing happened. But Angela clearly says “rooms”! That’s plural. I’m looking forward to mod the locations and create more room-variation.

So it’s going to be a very cool update. I must wait till mid June but that’s fine. Only problem is the weak style of – sort of – public relations. In this point ThriXXX acts like a backyard company in 1990… But that’s another story.

Thank you, Angela, for giving a sign of life.