Welcome to the Sex Camp!

The 3D SexVilla December Update leads players to the beautiful grounds of an autumnal forest…

Right on time ThriXXX released the December Update for the interactive porn game “3D SexVilla 2” and most of all the update features a new location, an outdoor camping zone just like expected.

It’s a very nice location with many details and lots of beautiful spots where lovers can make off. Just have a look at some screenshots:

The update also includes new casual outfits that fit to the camping theme, a new hair style (not a wig), and a handful of smaller features. You can read a full list on the official site when you scroll down to “Latest News”.

Camping Area or Luxury Yacht?

…that’s the question of the moment if you play “3D SexVilla”. Because Thrixxx is bringing a new update soon.

It’s always hard to catch news and previews about Thrixxx’s sex machinima software. Their promotion strategies are not really clear to me, but anyway…

From a thread in the official forum on gamerotica.com, a cool statement of admin “Angela” and some infos from other members (thank you, Boomer74), i’ve learned a few half-facts/rumors/guessings that i think would be nice to share with the rest of the world…

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