Tomb Raider 9: Lara Croft in an Open-World Scenario!

A secret whitepaper and some artworks of the next Tomb Raider game show that Lara Croft’s future is probably lying in the past.

It seems that the game will feature a “rebooted” young Lara and tells how she became to be the well-known archaeologist, the tomb raider we know so well.

The problem is that the whitepaper seems to be released by accident. Neither the script nor the concept art is validated so far – but interesting to look at…

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The official Elfish Spell 3 Poster!

This is it, the poster of the third episode of the erotic machinima comic “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” which is the hottest picture story that’s shot only with virtual characters in a wonderful machinima world.

Elfish Spell 3 - Lavender Grove

You can find the first 2 Episodes “The Traveler’s Stone” and “The White Nightmare” exclusively on and watch the censored (but still very hot) online versions for free. Yes, for free. No registration or subscription required…

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The Tale Of The 3 Elfish Sisters!

Finally i have huge news for all my lovely “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” Fans.

I’ve added a new page to the homepage of that spectacular machinima erotic comic, It provides you with the secrets and wonders that are behind the story, the wonderful magic of the 3 elfish sisters Raniae, Eaewen and Aniel.

You can open the book here or read more about it in this post…

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