Luisa & The Elfish Spell Release Date!

OK, all mxm-sites are updated and online to announce the release date of the erotic machinima comic, 6th sequel of the “Dreams of Luisa” epos and hottest machinima ever:

Luisa & The Elfish Spell – The Traveler’s Stone!

March 5

To learn each and everything about this first of eight episodes just visit these sites:

  • – the main theater and home of the Elfish Spell Season
  • – project status and infos in English and German
  • – the mothership. Complete “Carnal Cure” season still online

I also provide my twitter timeline with my current production activities. Use the hashtag #elfishspell in the twitter search.

Please also notice the funny countdown in the top right sidebar. It updates every time you visit/actualize this site. Thanks to Andrew Ferguson for his “Countdown Timer” WordPress Plugin.

Sound Design for Elfish Spell!

When you create a Machinima movie or Machinima comic/picture show you more or less often feel that something is missing. Sometimes a picture is simply not enough to transport the message.

So what can you do to deepen the atmosphere or to support a visual effect?

Correct: Add sound!

I tell you more about the sound design of my upcoming Erotic Machinima Comic “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” in this post…

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11 Shocking Reasons I Will Not Follow On Twitter!

Everybody is writing such lists these days: Don’t do this and don’t do that on twitter or i will not follow you… it’s trendy…

When and why and where and who to follow on Twitter?

I think it always happens to any group of persons that some people jump into the captain’s seat and (try to) overtake the piloting. What would the world be without the leaders?

So it is about time for me to release my own list of heavy twitter-tips. It’s funky!

I’m simply going to tell you 11 reasons that make me not follow (or unfollow) you on twitter! And i am quite sure that my tips will help you to become a twitter master with millions of followers very quickly ;-)

But be careful, fasten your seat belts and take a deep breath; this list holds some shocking facts that you may not like very much. The truth sometimes is hard to accept…

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Twitter Background Photoshop Template!

Cool, i´ve created a new background design for my twitter page to use it as a little extra promotion for “Luisa & The Elfish Spell”.

I hope that many of my lovely twitter followers and friends will love the new layout.

Just in case that you don´t love the new layout you can try to create a better one by yourself…

Because i´ve created the design in Photoshop and just thought: Hey, why not giving away the file?

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