AVN Awards: The night of the Pirates!

Wow, i’m just back home from a hot night in Las Vegas where the AVN Awards Show has been celebrated!

The AVN Awards are best known as “Oscars of Adult Entertainment” and feature everything: Red Carpet, Show Events, Reporters, Paparazzi and, of course, lots of very hot Actresses and Actors.

If i counted correctly, prizes were awarded in about 120 categories (127, i was close). Some of those categories have names which i can’t tell you here because they may offend you :)

So don’t worry, this post is all-in-all family friendly.

Just like in Hollywood there are some big ones, categories that stand ahead of the others, such like “Best Film”, “Best Actress”, “Best New Starlet” or “Best Director”.

It’s no surprise that the Pirates won the race, “Pirates 2, Stagnetti’s Revenge” is the big winner of the 26th Annual Adult Movie Awards…

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My farewell to Lively!

Some of you might know that Google┬┤s 3D-Virtual-Chat-World-Experiment Lively.com ended on December 31.

The MXM-Lively-Room from outside
The MXM-Lively-Room from outside

I always felt so-lala about Lively. It was not bad but it also was far away from being really cool. I will never understand why multi-billion Dollar companies release such unfinished projects that are neither fish nor flesh, neither water nor wine.

At least Lively was free for everybody and simple to use – but a strong and lively community didn’t grow up anyway.

I don’t want to talk about the reasons for Lively`s failure, i only want to show you some pictures i took from the MXM-Room shortly before it was closed forever…

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Taya Parker is the Penthouse Pet 2009!

The year just started but we already have a Penthouse Pet of the Year.

When i saw the headline somewhere i thought, OK, yet another “Sexiest Girl of the Year” competition, who cares… until i saw Taya Parker:

Taya Parker
Taya Parker

Taya Parker not only was the Penthouse Pet in January 08, she’s the kind of girl that makes a man constantly ask to himself What the heck can be wrong with DD-Cups?

There’s nothing wrong with Taya’s DD’s, there’s nothing wrong with Taya Parker at all!

So i don’t want to hide Taya from you. I visited her homepage and found some nice photographs… Attention: Don’t let these pixels burn your screen!

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