Legs missing: Rockbabes amputated!

One duck with two legs is crossing the road. Two ducks with four leg are crossing the road. Three ducks with six legs are crossing the road…

If you look at this simple math-for-kindergarten-kids explanation, what would you say if i change the term “ducks” into “models”?

When you take three models to pose on a photo, how many legs need to be arranged?

Six? No, sorry, that’s wrong. Models are no ducks, so three of them only have… four legs! Or even less.

Here’s the proof…

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In Memoriam of Bettie Page!

Betty Page Pin-up Icon
Bettie Page Pin-up Icon

I’m sure you have seen this face before. The person on this photo has a special style, a taste that one can’t forget. It’s the strong charisma and defiant look of this model that let her appear on more magazine covers than Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford together.

Although Bettie Page retired from modeling in 1957 to live a religious life she never became to be forgotten. Quite the contrary: Bettie Page is still a world-wide known Pin-Up-Icon, the face of erotic photography, respected and worshiped by everybody who has a sense for beauty…

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What the heck is machinima?

I’m sure that most of you already know what machinima means…

Especially if you are a Sims addict i can see a 99% possibility that you still have clicked the “V” button on your keyboard to shoot a small video clip of your Sims’ in-game doings. The more advanced of you perhaps even have tried to cut some movie pieces together to create some kind of cool video clip.

Others – like me – are more interested in creating comics by using machinima techniques. You can see a poster of my upcoming machinima comic here >>>

But there are always some newbies around who might wonder about the term “machinima”. Is it a magical spell or just a tech hobby for nerds? The next mega hype or just a waste of time? You can decide by yourself…

What could be better than to explain machinima with a machinima movie?

I know a nice one…

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