Cool or uncool: YouTube goes wide-screen!

From now on every video on comes in 16:9 wide-screen format. That’s cool.

But all old clips, which were in 4:3 by standard, will appear with ugly black bars at the left and right sides to fill the whole wide space. That’s uncool.

So Google makes YouTube ready for fat movie formats and already made deals with different film studios to show their full-length wide-screen movies online. That’s cool.

But amateur movie makers should now start to produce their videos in wide-screen too, if they want to stay hip. So they need to buy a professional 16:9 Camcorder-Camera-Thing sooner or later. That’s uncool because it’s expensive.

But after all you would own a professional 16:9 Camcorder – which would be cool. Also, when Google sets this new standard for online videos, the industry could quickly reduce prices for professional 16:9 Camcorders to make all the amateur directors stay hip. That’s super cool.

If you have embedded YouTube-Clips in your website: Don’t worry. The old movies will still appear in 4:3 without smashing the layout of your homepage. That’s cool as well.

So people, let me resume: YouTube goes wide-screen and i think it’s cool ;)

Over and Out: Lively shuts down!

Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...
Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...

Not everything that Google touches turns into gold immediately.

Personally i liked Google’s 3D-Chat Lively when it launched in early July. Now, only 4 and a half months later, it’s over. Google is shutting down Lively on December 31.

It’s a tough decision – but isn’t it a bit too harsh?

I mean, Lively was far from being perfect or innovative. I always thought it was launched way too soon. Too many bugs (really terrible ones) a strange login/logoff/login/logoff-procedure and not the quickest support on board…

But it wasn’t that bad! Not bad enough to be killed after such a short term! I’m wondering why they not only put Lively back into Google Labs and give it time to improve and grow in silence…

OK, after all i think it’s a money decision. There’s no money to earn in Lively, not for Google and not for occupants with professional or semi-professional ambitions. Those are still in Second Life…

Who cares, it’s over.

The MXM-Room will stay open until the very last second. Soon i will visit the room and make some screenshots that i will post here. Just to remember…

I’m sorry for all who joined Lively and are getting homeless again ;)

TR Underworld Demo: My trip with Lara!

Dirty Lara Croft
That´s the dirtiest Lara Croft ever :)

I finally found a little bit time to play the Tomb Raider Underworld Demo that’s still out since 2 weeks or so.

Though the final game will be released next Friday i couldn’t wait to have a small demo trip with Lara Croft. In fact, the trip neither was small nor short…

To describe the quality of the Tomb Raider Underworld Demo – and probably the whole game itself – i only need one word: Superb!

I can recommend the demo with no exceptions. You will have a nice walk with Lara through the Thailand-Level, meet a few enemies, learn all about the new moves and control keys, have to figure out the right way, find some secrets and other stuff, and all the time you will be speechless about the great look, the super-stunning graphic of Tomb Raider Underworld.

Oh, you’re still not sure if you should download the 1,15 GB? That’s fine, because i’ve made many screenshots during my first underworld trip with Lara!

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