11 ways to bring back power and ideas!

This is a post for creative people who sometimes sit in front of the screen and somehow stuck, waiting for ideas and wondering why they don’t appear.

Or you’re experiencing a problem that you can’t resolve. Though the solution seems to be in reach but you still fail to grab it.

When you are blinded by the light take a few steps back into the shadow!

That’s the message of this post and i’m gonna tell you my personal 11 favorite ways to get out of the tired mood and lack of concentration.

It’s great for freelancers, home workers, artists, musicians or everybody who has an intense hobby and want to get the most out of his rare free time.

My 11 tips also work great when you’re coming home from work and need a simple routine to “forget” the trouble at the job and clear the head for cooler things…

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Luisa 6 set: The making of a large 3D-Object!

Today i have 2 good news for you.

1) Though i was a little slow during the last couple of days i think i can state a deadline: In about 14 days the “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” Pre-Production phase will be done. During the next days i will tell you more about the upcoming tasks…

2) I will show you the making of a large 3D-Object i’ve created today. It’s the part of a set that will make it into the story.

This small inside view will give you an idea about the mystical atmosphere of “Luisa 6” and the original style of some objects that i create for the famous erotic story…

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Harder Better Faster Stronger Dancing Girl!

It doesn’t happen very often that i sit still for about 3 minutes with my mouth wide open, in blank astonishment!

I’m only asking how the hell can anybody dance this way?

This dancing girl should definitely work in the Sims 3 animation department! It really would shoot the sims’ movements into higher spaces but i’m afraid that the motion capture equipment just would explode :)

I never saw anything better (at least today), i must share this clip with you:

How the hell can anybody develop such a huge repertoire of groovy dance movements? She’s not from this planet.

I also like the great light show :)

Update: I changed the video source to the original youtube channel. See the other 2 clips and read more about this dancing girl in the post…

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