Master Class Part 2: Cheats and Hacks!

Master Class Part 2

After spontaneously starting “Part 6: SimPose” last weekend just let’s make a soft turn and proceed with the second part of the MXM Master Class of Sims Art Workshop:

In-Game Techniques!

You will learn to control your Sims easier and shoot better Pictures and Videos. It’s not very complicated but you need to be accurate, though.

In this chapter i tell you something about the most helpful mods and some more tricks, check it out…

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SimPose 2: How to prepare for a good start!

MXM Master Class Part 6: SimPose

Welcome to another part of the MXM Master Class Workshop Series, how to make a good start with SimPose 2.

This is the second article about SimPose 2, please read “SimPose 2 for beginners” as well to get the whole thing.

This time i will tell you more about SimPose 2: Which options are important, what do the menus mean and so on…

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Master Class Part 6: SimPose 2 for beginners!

MXM Master Class Part 6: SimPose

Due to a large amount of requests i decided to make a wide jump and release the Workshop Series about SimPose 2 much earlier than planned.

This is a part of the “MXM Master Class of Sims Art” but instead of telling you about in-game techniques in Part 2 (though i have very interesting things to say) i quickly move over to Part 6 and describe how i work with SimPose 2…

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Photoshop Template: Old Photograph!

A couple of weeks ago i wrote the post “The End of Polaroid” that contains a free Photoshop-Template Download.

That post became to be very popular, it attracts many people who are looking for Photoshop stuff and inspiration.

So i thought it would be nice to create another Photoshop Template and let your screenshots and photos appear to be 100 years old…

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