6 simple things you should know about your PC!

Master Class Part 1Getting stuck in a simple computer issue can be annoying – No, it is annoying! Before you start to use your PC for creative activities you should lift up some secrets and look behind those corners that are normally hidden from the average computer user.

So read my 6 basic tips which hopefully will give you a better understanding of your machine.

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The End Of “Polaroid” Photography!

i like my polaroidDo you remember those blocky cameras which so many people used in the 70’s and 80’s of last century? Just after you moved the big shutter button the machine started to make a rattling noise and slowly rolled out an empty paper which mysteriously changed into a photo after 2 minutes.

Those instant photos – better known as Polaroids and easy to spot by their greenish look and the large frame at the bottom – never reached a really good quality but i remember that it always was big fun to make some spontaneous shots and stare at the fresh positive, waiting for the first contours to appear.

Now Polaroid has definitely stopped the production and closed all their factories for ever…

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Master Class of Sims Art: The Required Soft- and Hardware!

Master Class Part 1

I know that you’re hot to learn more about my secrets! But we are still in Part 1, the Introduction. And do you remember what i wrote in the Foreword? We will start from scratch and it takes some time. So just let’s have a look at the programs, the soft- and hardware you will need to become a hot sims-artist…

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Master Class Foreword!

Master Class Part 1

Welcome to the MXM Master Class of Sims Art, the ultimate workshop series for creative heads, sims junkies and other freaks! It’s great that you want to learn everything about posing, picture manipulation, story telling and further more related topics.

I’m going to show you my hottest tricks, as well as many general information which will make you able to produce your own stories (and much more) the way you want…

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