11 Facts about SexVilla you always wanted to know!

3D SexVilla 2 is… what? Uhm, what is it actually?

My SexVilla Tutorials not only collected tens of thousand views on YouTube, but many naive (not to say foolish) comments as well.

There are some questions and guesses that appear over and over again. But i take it like a true sportsman and scratch down the 11 hardest facts about the world’s greatest sex game…

11 true facts about SexVilla:

1. Is it porn? Can you make porn with SV?

Yes. That’s what it was made for.You can create virtual porn poses and animations, make stories and even movies. Of course there are little few limitations, but you can visit clublena.com to get a clue.

2. Is it free?

No. Why should a high-quality porn game for adults be available for free? There’s a free trial version, though.

3. I seem to have an older game version than you. Why is that?

Because you are a fucking retard and downloaded a cracked version.

4. Can i fuck the models?

No. They are only virtual pixels that appear on you computer screen. But you can wank off if you like. Or create a male model who fucks her for you :)

5. Is SexVilla Multiplayer?


6. How can i remove censorship?

You need to go to the ingame “Sex Shop” and buy the “Unlock Full and Hardcore” Pack.

7. How can i earn SexCoins?

You must buy them (talking about real money). This can be done ingame. 1 Dollar/Euro is roughly 1 SexCoin.

8. Where can i find the Pose Editor?

You need to buy it in the game’s “Sex Shop”. The same counts for the “Sequencer” and basically for all extra content, except custom made content.

9. Are there any viruses in SexVilla?

No. SexVilla is a professionally made product, developed by the Austrian company ThriXXX. When you download SexVilla on the official site it is virus-free.

But in case you’re about to download some cracked version via torrent sites or other pirate areas: Do. Not. Do. That.

The only virus you can get from the original version is to get infected by super sexy nude pixels ;)

10. Can i edit a character, create my own model?


11. Can i share content, get custom content?

Yes, that’s the fun part. The community meets on the official site thri.xxx which is free to join. If you want to share custom made content – which includes tens of thousands of outfits, poses, toys, sequences, models, and so on – you must buy the “Community” Package first. It’s worth every cent.

I hope this list could help to clear the fog. There’s much fuss going on, many rumors being told buy guys who have no clue, and even worse, hackers know their horny victims pretty well.

Only visit the game’s official sites, read the official help and talk to the official support. Then you won’t regret playing SexVilla ;)


Author: MaXsiM

Male, straight. Started game modding in 2000, made custom sex animations for The Sims 1, released the first nude skins ever for The Sims 2, came up with "Dreams of Luisa" in 2004, ran an adult forum with 10k+ members. Changed to 3D Sexvilla 2 in 2010. Finally made the move into the world of 'real' 3D-Art in 2015. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment. Become my Patron!