11 ways to bring back power and ideas!

This is a post for creative people who sometimes sit in front of the screen and somehow stuck, waiting for ideas and wondering why they don’t appear.

Or you’re experiencing a problem that you can’t resolve. Though the solution seems to be in reach but you still fail to grab it.

When you are blinded by the light take a few steps back into the shadow!

That’s the message of this post and i’m gonna tell you my personal 11 favorite ways to get out of the tired mood and lack of concentration.

It’s great for freelancers, home workers, artists, musicians or everybody who has an intense hobby and want to get the most out of his rare free time.

My 11 tips also work great when you’re coming home from work and need a simple routine to “forget” the trouble at the job and clear the head for cooler things…

No magic required!

You will see that my tips are not too special. You don’t have to brew mysterious potions or use magical spells. It’s all very obvious, easy to realize without spending too much effort into it.

Look again at the sentence above: When you are blinded by the light take a few steps back into the shadow…

This only means that you have to make a short rest and use this break constructively: Go away from your current work and its problems. Do something else that’s not difficult and – at the same time – is very good for you.

My personal experience!

I give you an example to make you see how my tips can work:

Today i was working with a software and it sucked. A special function didn’t work and it messed up my work. I found another method to do my stuff but i knew it was only second choice. This new method was not perfect.

I felt that i slowly was getting frustrated, asking myself the same questions on and on: Why this and how that? Annoying.

Then i took a step back, turned away from my computer and did one of the following tips. Wow! After only a few minutes i knew definitely that i had resolved the problem! Without the help of my computer or any online support.

It was totally clear that i only needed to uncheck a special option that i had seen so many times but never knew what it was for. Now i know. And as a plus i also had the idea for this post…

My 11 ways to bring back power and ideas!

1. Clean the bathroom

Well, clean the bathroom or kitchen, there’s always something to do and everybody will leave you alone while you’re working. Wash the dishes and have a ride with the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your desk, room, apartment, house is always a good thing and it will give you a comfortable feeling afterwards. Personally, a clean surrounding gives me more concentration.

2. Put all your Apple-Gadgets into the Trash-Can!

No, this is only a joke! This one is more about bringing back some minimalism. Try it, clean your desk, free it from everything except the keyboard, screen and speakers. Only stuff you really need for your current work. No pencils, no bottles, no cookies, no magazines, no porn-dvd’s… Only you and the computer.

It’s easy to understand, just hide everything that could distract you from the main thing. Minimizing stuff can minimize problems.

3. Have a short afternoon nap!

Such a short afternoon sleep is the same like a brain wash (in a positive meaning). Or better let’s say it’s like emptying the trash bin, clicking on its desktop symbol. De-Fragment your ideas, hit the reset-button…

If you are at home and have enough time and silence, lie down and close your eyes. Don’t sleep longer than 30 minutes! 5 minutes for falling asleep, 20 minutes for sleeping and 5 minutes for waking up would be perfect.

Even if you can’t fall asleep because you’re having too many daydreams or whatever, never stay longer than 30 minutes on the sofa.

4. Take a shower!

A classical one. Clean yourself and take a shower. Women love the bathroom anyway, but also the modern man likes to spend some time in the bathroom with his self. You can take a shower at every day- and nighttime and it always helps.

5. Be naked at home!

When you’re back from the shower, don’t dress up. Or just undress.

OK, depending on the culture you’re living in this might be either a little bit nasty or a super-natural thing for you, being naked.  At the place where i live it’s no problem to be naked at home when you’re alone, though it’s not mainstream.

Anyway, this is not meant to be a sexual inspiration, not exactly. It just can give you another feel, everything feels a little bit different – as long it is warm enough ;)

6. Wear decent clothing!

This is the opposite of Number 5. Forget about the old Jeans and T-Shirt. Why don’t you wear some decent clothes today? Perhaps a necktie. Yes, even at home. Ask ZZ Top, they know about the “Sharp-Dressed Man”.

If wearing decent clothing is pretty normal for you then try the other way: Dress like nobody would expect it and steal the stockings of your wife :)

7. Do some stretching!

Sometimes you’re only tired, your neck feels like concrete and it’s hard to stand up because your legs have been slept. If you are a long-time computer worker this is not a tip – it’s a must-be!

Stand up, open the window, get rid of tight clothes and start slow and soft stretching lessons. Add a little bit gymnastic. Do it for 10 minutes and it will turn you on. And your neck will say thanks.

8. Watch a concert on DVD!

This is the only tip where you can stay in front of the screen. Get the DVD of your favorite band out of the stack, a Live-Concert would be great.

Don’t confuse it with TV or a DVD-Movie. A Live-Concert is straight-forward, they make music with their own hands and it has always been a big inspiration to listen to the sound and watch the musicians play.

Concerts can take you on a journey, i often receive new power and ideas this way.

9. Do another creative thing!

When i have enough of the computer issues i grab my guitar and jam around. Depending on my mood i just fool around, play whole songs or even do a complicated lesson.

This point is meant to be a creative sideway. You stay active while having a break, you look over the plate’s edge.

10. Masturbate!

What? Yes, there’s no better way to relax and get rid of barriers than to let it go, masturbate, jack off. You know that it’s true, but your denominational and social education is a heavy ballast on your shoulders. Fuck! The best orgasms are those which you are responsible for by yourself. What are you waiting for?

Nice alternative: When your partner is around, invite him/her to a quicky. If he/she isn’t willing, there’s still the DIY option available. Well, or one of the other 10 ways on this list ;)

11. Walk through the forest!

When i have enough time and the weather is not too bad this is my favorite. There are not many things that can give me more inspirational input than a strong walk through the forest (pretty women are another good source of inspiration), especially when i can leave the path and fight myself through the shrubs!

I think it’s the fresh air, the silence and mother nature.

So have a trip to the forest, a walk through the park or at least around the block. The effect is related to Numero 4, take a shower.

My 11 personal methods – resume!

All these 11 tips work great for me. When i stuck i usually only need to follow one of them to find my way back to inspiration and concentration. These methods help me to step onto another stage and look at my current work more from the outside.

But this doesn’t mean that they work for everybody else. Of course, when you are sick or working in a super-stressful business my tips won’t help you much – but who knows…

The next time when you’re staring holes into the white paper on the screen again – remember my tips and give it a try. If you decide for Number 5, being naked, send me a photo :)

Hope you like this post, it was fun to write.

Share your own experiences and tips with the other readers by posting a comment below, thanks…

Author: MaXsiM

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