10 things i don’t want to see in 2010 anymore!

Here it is, the first Monday of a new decade. I hope everybody of you had a good sliding start into 2010.

My task manager is already filled up to the roof, many exciting things are waiting to be explored, many sexy projects are going to be finalized, new virtual worlds will be discovered… and when i think of all the beer i will drink in 2010 – it makes me smile…

But what about the things i do NOT want to see this year? What are the things that get on my nerves, that make me feel dumb and dull or simply speechless?

My top 10 things i don’t want to see in 2010!

Just let me think about it for a moment… Ah, here they are:

In 2010 i don’t want to see…

  1. Anymore self-titled experts (all methods of marketing, seo, web design and even twitter-experts) on twitter.
  2. Unexpected downtime on any social media site. Please publish your maintenance schedule properly.
  3. People who suddenly interrupt an eye-2-eye conversation only because their fucking mobile rings. Or because they only want to play with their latest app.
  4. Well, iphones & Co. I know they have a touch screen. But after all they are only phones. Let’s better talk about sex.
  5. Pornstars (Stoya) who let Shock-Rock-Wannabes cut nazi-symbols into her pubic hair. Pornstars have to be perverted, but not in this way.*
  6. Shock-Rock-Wannabes (Marilyn Manson) who simply toy with the wrong ideas – and naive pornstars.
  7. Angelina Jolie morphing into Mother Teresa the 2nd. Somebody please bring her to a Playboy shooting.
  8. Yet another Bon Jovi album. It’s enough, boys. Really, it’s enough.
  9. Skinny models and super slim fanatics at Victoria’s Secret shows and in magazines. They are ugly! Let them have curves. Just let Heidi Klum overtake Angelina’s old job as Mother Teresa the 2nd and send the other models to Mc Donald’s.
  10. Michael Schumacher losing the Formula 1 championship. If you like him or not, his winning would be the biggest clou in the history of this sport. I’m looking forward to the races.

And as an extra bonus a most serious one: In 2010 i don’t want to see politicians who call disasters like the climate summit of Copenhagen a success. We may have people in our society who care more about their gadgets than anything else, but that doesn’t mean we’re all that blind.

I wish everybody a good 2010 with many things really worth to look at. On the other hand, close your eyes when it’s getting too critical – or at least buy some decent sunglasses ;)

*I like Stoya’s performances pretty much and of course i want to see her acting in 2010 – but please without such idiotic attachments.

Author: MaXsiM

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