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SEXXI Special Released!

Only a short notice that i’ve finished the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition and released it on

This extravagant issue is double-sized and available for free in English and German.

The Website has been relaunched as well. The new layout features a cool jquery Carousel, better presentation pages and a German area.

Check it out :)

Info about the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special

It has been just posted on that the long-awaited SEXXI Dreams of Luisa Special Edition is about to be released.

Here i want to add some more info about the current progress. Thanks for your interest.

At first, a little language flip…

Aktuelle Infos für die deutschen Fans!

Die deutsche Sexvilla Fanseite “Sexvillafan” ist nicht mehr zu erreichen, da sie von tumblr/yahoo/dreckspack abgeschaltet wurde! Daher liegen die deutschen Versionen von SEXXI nicht mehr am gewohnten Ort. Ihr findet aber alle deutschen Downloads auf, und zwar auf den jeweiligen Seiten der Ausgaben, unten, gekennzeichnet mit der deutschen Flagge.  Neue Webseite mit besserer Präsentation ist in Arbeit. Vielen Dank fürs Verständnis.

Language flip back…

So, where were we? Ah! The DoL Special Edition. It’s done! Really. But… :D

I’m literally working on the last page (which is actually Page 4, out of 36) but then i noticed that there are still some other things to do:

  1. It’s a SEXXI special edition. But (that’s what’s written in the German text) the website really needs a relaunch. Because i want to display the content a better way and the German version must be roofed there too. After all, SEXXI was a German fanmag originally and i want to have everything under the same roof.
  2. For the 10th Anniversary Dreams of Luisa Special i would love to see all the old episodes back on, represented in an appropriate way. You may say, cool, just upload them to the new place… but no. It’s not that easy. Don’t let me explain the details, but it’s quite a bite of a task. I’ll try, but it takes time.

So i’m going to program the new, then release the DoL Special (on as well) and after that, start moving the vintage episodes to the new place – while i finish SEXXI 8.

Hopefully this all will happen this January. Wish me luck and strong nerves :)

Daz3D Default Render Settings Comparison

Finally i’ve installed DAZ Studio 4.7 on my new machine, quickly loaded a default scene with the new Genesis 2 model in the limelight and even could add the female parts from Genesis 1 to it.

Then i had problems to get the rendering working but luckily found some default settings: Dragon Slayer, Fiery Genesis 2 and the High/Low/Medium settings that came with the Barefoot Dancer content.

Here’s the comparison (last pic is not a render, but a pure screenshot of the viewport):


Well, i know that i’m getting old and my eyes are getting weaker… but even with my steam-punk monocles on i cannot see any difference! Except that pics 1 & 2 are darker than the others.

The picture quality isn’t good at all. Everything’s very blurry and the resolution is a joke – if you imagine the time it takes to render.

Dragon Slayer and Fiery Genesis 2 took about 5 minutes to render on my high-end pc.

I don’t want to troll but Barefoot Dancer High/Low/Medium simply produce exactly the same results (same quality, resolution and file size) which takes about 13 minutes – not bad for a 138KB file. I double checked it if i do something wrong… no idea.

Now look at the pure screenshot (last pic). It is not perfect (i don’t know where that little white artefact at the vagina is coming from) but clearer and larger than the rendered versions – maybe enough for post-processing in Photoshop. Adding blur, changing contrast and resizing wouldn’t take 13 minutes.

But again, i confess that i didn’t understand the render department in Daz3D yet. I only was a bit frustrated because i couldn’t set up my own render settings and then did this quick test. I’m sure there is a solution hidden somewhere in the depths of Daz’s confusing menus.

On to the next try…

Happy New Year!

Have a great year 2015 everybody! I also want to thank you for your ongoing support and patience <3

I run mxm-studios since 2008 and do naughty machinima since about 10 or more years. I often needed to take long breaks in that time, unfortunately can’t create smut 24/7…

So i want to say sorry again. In my last post i’ve told you about the things i was planning to release in late ’14. But now i got to realize that ’14 is already gone and won’t return, and i must confess that i’ve made only little progress. Really sorry about that!

Anyway, the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa special will be the next release, followed by SEXXI 8 as well as a relaunch of I really do work on these things, it just runs very slow, but i think i will cancel the calendar project. Maybe there will be a Luisa photobook later or something like that.

So let me tell you about my feelings for 2015. I don’t tell you what i will do, i’m only talking about the things i wish to do. No release dates, no promises that i can’t hold ;)

First thought is that i want to make the next Dreams of Luisa comic. It’s my heart blood story, the flaggship. Also, according to the download numbers, DoL is the most successful thing i ever created. White Angel and Wicked Game both have been downloaded many thousand times, more than all the simish vintage episodes together. So i’m a bit like “hey, give the people what they want” :)

The SEXXI universe is also growing. And i have fun creating this little magazine. So i will try again to create at least 3 issues this year. Remember: No promises.

The Demon Hunter has taken a one-year-break, so it’s time for a new story. I really started testing and developing a new story around Lady Laura Crest.

These 3 things are the fundamentals. Everything else will go to clublena, let’s see.

Dark Clouds

Well, i actually only wanted to wish you a happy new year, but now i can’t finish the post without telling you about the dark clouds on the horizon.

The SexVilla tragedy. Nobody really knows what the guys at thriXXX are up to. The program is still great and everything, but there wasn’t a decent update for more than a year. It’s not a big problem for me, no, but i’m on standby to move to DAZ 3D. I’m starting to testing it (again) very soon. After my last advanced test that happened almost 2 years ago, i thought DAZ was way too complicated and expensive for my usage. Superb quality and endless possibilities, though. So i’m going to check it again and then we’ll see…

That’s it for now. Thank you again for the love, be happy and safe, have a great new year!

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