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A Magazine, a special edition and an Anniversary!

After 3 long months there is finally a new wave of activity in the studio

The year of Luisa’s 10th Anniversary started much slower than it was planned. Same reason like always: Real Life :)

So let’s look forward. Like i’ve said, 2014 is the 10th Anniversary of my erotic story “Dreams of Luisa” – given that i remember everything correctly.

This very special year will see a new Dreams of Luisa Story and – Hoopa! – the progress bar on has made a good jump forward, straight into the post-production area. Soon i can print out an release date!

When the new story “Wicked Game” will be released, the website will also get a relaunch to make everything look good for this event.

And that’s not all. I already started working on a special edition of SEXXI which will be fully dedicated to the “DoL” universe and history. But i want to make clear that this special issue will probably appear a long time after “Wicked Game” came out. That’s mainly because of the planned content – which is huge!

But the first thing that’s going to happen is SEXXI 7! It’s almost finished and will be released next week.

Again, many thanks for your patience and support. Take care.

Chathouse Roulette 3D in Open Beta!

Everybody can now join thriXXX’ new online game and should give it a try…

I’m just back from my first trip into the Chathouse. Let me give you some fresh impressions.

Chathouse 3D is an online platform where you can dress/undress and customize your avatar and meet other people’s avatars in a virtual room – and have Sex.

It’s a Sex Chat Platform in a virtual 3D World.

Currently the game is in Open Beta, which means that everybody can join it for free AND – bummer – even upgrade to the uncensored full version for free! <- Only as long as the Open Beta phase.

All you need to do is to subscribe at, download the launcher and follow the official instructions. Nothing too complicated. Everything can be done via the website and launcher.

After launching the game it’s best practice to join the dressing room and pimp up your avatar. Of course i was pretty much interested about the quality of the 3D-Models and animations.

Chathouse 3D Dressing Room

The Standard Female Avatar in the Dressing Room.


Portrait of the standard Chathouse 3D Avatar

A closer look at the models face. Don’t like the lips too much.


Chathouse 3D Content Browser

The Content Browser is already filled with options of all sorts.


I spent about 20 minutes to create a nice “girl-from-next-door” avatar who i called “Claudia” for no special reason :)

I played with the customizers for the face and body and wasn’t too impressed here. Sexvilla has got many more options (still not enough). But after all, say hello to Claudia:

Topless Claudia in Chathouse 3D

I would love to give Claudia other nipples, but couldn’t figure out how.

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Making of… Luisa and the Wicked Game!

MaXsiM can be seen live on, creating non-nude scenes…

I’m currently creating the upcoming porn comic “Luisa and the Wicked Game” for and thought it would be nice to live stream some of the work i do inside Sexvilla.

And of course all fans of Luisa will get an exclusive look at some of the “Wicked Game” characters and settings. No dialogs shown, so i won’t spoiler too much :)

I create only photo poses to make a comic book from. No animations and…

…obviously i am not allowed to show nudes but anyway, you will be given an very close look into the brilliant made PoseEdit Editor and all its many many possibilities.

But check out this post, because i will add some final photos as well as working stages and descriptions. And perhaps also nude shots that happened after the stream ended :)

You can try Sexvilla yourself, get the free trial here:

I will announce the live stream on twitter. So follow me there or follow my tweets in the sidebar on the front page.

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Up and cuming…

Fans of my digital smut can look forward to new stories…

It’s autumn again, i have that curious look into the folder that contains my unfinished projects, get a shock and – in serious panic – i try to finish as much as i can until the year is ‘suddenly’ over :)

So my task list is well filled, i have a shitload to do! No promises here, but here are the stories i’m currently working on:


The sixth issue of the Sexvilla Fan Magazine will feature the Indian model Esha on the front page, the oriental princess is going to be double banged. I plan to release the mag by the end of October.


Calendar 14

Two years ago i started the calendar project and (like all of my stuff *crazylaugh*) it turned out to be very successful :) Since there won’t be a new Demon Hunter story this year i think about making a Demon Hunter Calendar ’14 instead. I so love the Demon Hunter theme!

You can still download the 12′ and ’13 calendars here: Calendar 12 | Calendar 13

Dreams of Luisa – revived 2 – Luisa and the Wicked Game!

Fans already know that ‘Wicked Game’ is half way done. I recently installed a cute progress bar on to show what’s going on. A new website for the next episode is already finished technically. Both, website and ‘Wicked Game’ are planned to be released in December.

This year i really had trouble to create enough stories for Lena Luv’s Club. Other projects and real life simply had higher priority. But after all, there are stories for in that ‘unfinished projects’ folder and i try to release one or two of them soon.

Well, the main thing is still ‘Luisa and the Wicked Game’. It’s a tough job and i still have some miles to go, but the download rates recently exploded which gives me an extra motivation.

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